Don’t Stop Believing in Yourself with Spiritual Guide & Musician Sam Gunning – Part 1

Sam Gunning is a Psychic, Medium, Mentor, Healer and Musician.

Her muggle job is privately teaching young children mathematics, although that is likely to stop soon with her expanding success.

And she is one of my friends!!

Sam has been on quite the journey from a dysfunctional household growing up, several abusive or inappropriate relationships, being a deputy head mistress and now facilitating all things weird and wonderful with her amazing spiritual guidance and gifts.

Doing the right thing after Uni saw her fall into a career of teaching and being promoted very quickly into being a deputy head mistress.

Although she loved the kids she didn't love the bureaucracy or rules and escapism with drugs at the weekend became her salvage.

It wasn't long before burn out took over and she knew she could not maintain that career, nor wanted to.

It wasn't until her daughter was born that Sam really started taking herself more seriously and decided to stop the partying and focus on being the best mum she could be – something she had not experienced from her own mother, who sadly passed at the young age of 42.

The crappy relationships continued until she and her soulmate FINALLY got together back in 2020, having known him since she was 8 years old.

She finally got to experience what its like to have someone love you for who you are and she in turn loved Paul for who he was.

Blissful times until tragedy struck one Saturday morning and sadly Paul who loved his motorbike was killed whilst riding out of the village they lived in.

As you can imagine she experienced grief like never before, and through this experience her intuitive gifts were blown wide open.

She received channeling through songs and lyrics to begin with and then step by step took guidance and programs that allowed her to expand through Oracle cards, mediumship, now healing and mentorship.

Sam is a wonderful mentor and has allowed me to start developing my own intuitive skills and card readings.

If you end up on a Zoom with Sam you will definitely see many Orbs flying around her attic room.

If you want to connect with Sam to have your own reading you can find her at her:

SoulSong FB Group

SoulSong Spirit FB Group

If you want to know more about Mel Clarke, she is also a Soul Relationship & Purpose Coach & Reiki Practitioner helping men and women find true love, purpose and passion after feeling trapped and unfulfilled in their relationship.

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