Food Stamps to a Seven Figure Business in Eighteen Months with Entrepreneur Coach Iva Paleckova

Iva Paleckova is a mindset and strategy coach for entrepreneurs, a CEO of and the host of the Break Free Show on iTunes.

She is known for taking her business from 0 to 7 figures in 18 months, as a single mum to an infant, and the creator of the Break Free Process.

She helps serious entrepreneurs to break their limits, get out of their own way, dissolve the confusion, and operate in the zone of  ðŸª„MAGIC🪄.

Iva was a real inspiration to chat with. I was blown away with her honesty about the disappearance of her partner 4 days after she told him she was pregnant with his child. 

This moment shattered her and her self confidence, but after eventually picking herself up she worked very hard to build her contacts and coaching business. 

Iva fully believes we all incarnate into our lives to go through the hard times so we can evolve fully and help serve others to do the same. 

Allowing yourself to feel, and bring up the stuff you resist, allows you to dissolve the protective emotional layers that we have all built around us. 

As entrepreneurs we all have insecurities, and the need to feel safe and secure, but we resist sharing what we actually do with people because we fear being judged, or for looking like we are always selling. 

We all have the desire to feel better from something outside of us, and that is the biggest contributor with entrepreneurs who are stuck. Looking to copy others who are seemingly doing better than we are forces us to divorce from ourselves even further than we already have and keep success even further away. 

Truth is the universe wants us to find our way out of our lostness and we need to be emotionally uncomfortable to dissolve it. We need to make connections, have conversations, feel vunerable and uncomfortale, which then expands our capacity to be ok with being disliked or judged, and become yourself. 

Alignment is a work in progress for all of us and earning over $500k in one month, made Iva realise that she was out of alignment with the feelings of dread and responsibility she experienced at that time. 

A big advocate of plant medicine, Iva runs retreats for this and attended 25 ceremonies personally in 2021. She believes this takes us all beyond the humanness of our letting go. Our higher consciousness works without the need for us to control it, and that work is essential as we all have our own blind spots that we could never discover ourselves. 

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