It’s Never Personal with The Relationship Guy – John Kenny

John Kenny, a former athlete, is known as the Relationship Guy offering a unique coaching service because of his own life experiences, as well as his counselling professional qualifications and years working with people.

John also host's his own podcast show called The Relationship Guy, and is a Speaker, Author and Documentarian, and lover of all things fitness.

Relationships can be very difficult and they can also be quite an easy space to be in too.
You have your way of seeing things and doing things and so does everyone else. You have your triggers in certain situations, as do they.
Understanding what these are and where they come from will help you to decide what relationships you want and need in your life, how to attract them or create them with the people you already know.
Maybe you have given up on finding someone or making things in your current relationships work, due to the difficulties you have experienced in the past, maybe putting your energy into the success of your business/career instead.
You can change the entire outcomes of your relationships when you understand how you work and how others work too.
There comes a time that you realise you have had enough of the difficult relationships of your past or what is happening in your life right now – things need to change and you now want to balance out your life with quality relationships, creating a different future?

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If you want to know more about Mel Clarke, she is also a Soul Relationship & Purpose Coach & Reiki Practitioner helping men and women find true love, purpose and passion after feeling trapped and unfulfilled in their relationship.

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