Settling in Layers Led to The Collapse of My Old Life with Fiona Christie

New Zealand born Fiona Christie is an author and coach, and hosts her own podcast. 

As a newborn Fiona was sick and put into intensive care for 6 weeks, at the same time as her mother was moved to another hospital for cervical cancer. Fiona believes this lack of early connection lead her to never quite feeling like she belonged anywhere until much later in life. 

Suffering with learning difficulties Fiona didn’t read her first book until the age of 21, and started her personal development journey at 25 after discovering Louise Hays book Heal Your Life. 

Because Fiona was overly protected growing up she felt she wasn’t capable in her younger years and this lead to her marrying a man that wasn’t right for her and made her feel like she wasn’t good enough, even had her questioning it as she walked down the aisle. 18 years later his infidelity and lack of commitment had her wake up and realise she was settling big time. 

Fiona has realised that she has settled in layers throughout her life including jobs and careers she did. Husband no 2 came as a result of blind dating and not wanting to be single. Getting married too quickly resulted in divorce number 2. 

The pivotal and very metaphoric moment came when there was a massive earthquake near where she was living. She had to evacuate her house and as she sat on the top of a hill with her cats looking down at the shaky ground, she realised that was mirroring her life. In that moment she realised she did not want to keep on settling, took the decision to sell her house, and buy a ‘Tiny House’ on wheels so she could decide where she wanted to plant her roots. 

She quickly meant her now perfect partner, and having made a decision to significantly reduce her corporate career hours, is now back to coaching and helping mid life women who want to start their next chapter, having previously given up on themselves and their identity. 

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