Our relationships are the most important things we have in our lives.

Whether with ourselves, our romantic partners or our friends, families and peers.

If they are not right then we are not right.

Are you unhappy in your romantic relationship?

Soul Purpose coaching is essential for everyone who is settling for second best in their relationships. There are over 7 billion people in this world (apparently).

We have soul mates all around us, and yet we settle for something that is just OK, might tick some of the boxes, works on a friendship basis, is better than the last relationship (or worse)……. Do you relate to this?

It seems crazy that in this sweet short life of ours that we decide to put up or shut up. And yet we do, I did, lots of people do.

Why do we settle for less?

  • Well you might feel stuck financially. You have a house together, furniture, savings and the thought of undoing all of that seems too much to bear.

  • You worry that you won’t afford somewhere on your own, or you might have to move back to your parents, or in with friends or family, or worse be homeless.
  • Perhaps you feel shame in the separation, especially if you’re married. You never planned divorce in your life, and what about all those wedding presents and money you received?
  • Maybe you have children, and you want to stay for the children. They are more important. You want to give them a stable home, the same stable home you had growing up. You can leave when they have finished school (or university). Being a single parent was never on the agenda. If you separate how will you cope with work and parenting on your own?
  • If you leave, how will you find another partner? It was difficult enough finding this one. This one is better than no one. You don’t want to be alone.
  • I can’t have the one I want and this relationship is good (sorta). He or she is a good and kind person who will look after me.
  • And the reasons go on and on and on…….

That was me for many years too!

Soul Purpose Coaching Will Help if You:

  • Feel completely lost.
  • Are feeling stuck, unhappy and lacking answers.
  • Don’t want to hurt your partner.
  • Are not ‘in love’ anymore.
  • Don’t understand whats happening with your partner.
  • Are in love but the relationship is miserable.
  • Are continually arguing.
  • Don’t know what the future holds anymore.
  • Know your truth but you can’t say it out loud.

Don’t go it alone. There is so much help and support out there from people who have been where you are now, have the battle scars to prove it, and now live a much happier more fulfilled life.

If anything above resonated for you personally then please click below to book for your free ‘no obligation’ call and see if relationship coaching is the pathway to your freedom and happiness.