Well Being Corporate Workshops

Today more then ever employers recognise the need to support their employees mental health and are always looking for new of ways to do this.

Coaching is a fantastic option, and is on a huge incline throughout all industries but sometimes isn’t affordable.

Well Being Corporate Workshops however are a great way of having a quick positive impact within the workspace at an affordable level.

Delivering bite sized practical information that has your peers thinking differently, more positively, and with instant take aways to improve their life.

Subjects range from Core Values to Leadership and anything in-between.

If you have a subject in particular you would like covering then an initial phone call will be needed for further clarification.

Is My Well Being Corporate WorkShop Right For Your Business?

  • In-person at your office or off-site location, my workshops are designed to really get your peers and employees thinking in a whole new way.
  • There is no ‘death by Powerpoint’ here so a lot of the session will be hands on and littered with exercises to increase engagement.
  • Fun is important in these sessions, as well as giving people something new to think about and take into their own lives.
  • Highly-engaging and memorable, my workshops leave a lasting impact on participants and consistently promote long-term behavioural change.


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