• Does your business have a clear Vision & Mission, you believe in?
  • Are your leaders powerfully aligned?
  • Does your business have defined Values and confident decision-making criteria?

Ultimate Contribution Uncovered Business Alignment (U.C.U)

a unique pathway for leaders, employee’s and businesses to discover the true core of who they are, create a clear authentic vision and mission and Improve staff attrition, customer loyalty and improve revenue and profit.

Simply Put

“The key is your employees and your business decisions. The cost of them not being aligned and the massive payoff when they are.
Companies fail in the chaos of growth and lose sight of who they are, involving unaligned stakeholders and making catastrophic decisions for the business and their people.
A company thrives when they invest in the alignment of their leaders, stakeholders and people; and when the business can make great decisions quickly.
Over 50% of an organisation’s cost is their people. Investing in the productivity of
their teams, and making faster, better decisions is a no brainer.
It’s as simple as that.”

– Parvinder Shergill MBA, CPA

The Problem

there is Disconnect

Staff turnover. Customer sales and retention. Complex interrelationships. Competing priorities. Slow decision-making.

The Solution


Uncover the Strengths, Core Values & Vision of your leaders.

Discover and ground the Business Vision, Mission, Core Values and what excites and connects your Leaders.

Integrate and Implement.

The Results


Staff engagement and retention.

Increase sales with customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty.

Effective and fast decision making.

Clear direction and roadmap.

The Process
  1. Uncover Core Strengths, Values, Vision & Mission for the stakeholders.
  2. One to one facilitating with each stakeholder (from founder to directors) to uncover their personal Strengths, Core Values, Vision & Mission.
  1. Define Strengths, Core Values, Vision & Mission for the organisation.
  2. U.C.U Presentation & Facilitated workshops to define the Strengths, Core Values, Vision & Mission of the organisation, utilising Phase 1.
  1. Integrate Discoveries & Review U.C.U Presentation & Facilitated Workshops to outline how best to integrate discoveries into business as usual.
  2. Utilising the latest in goal setting theory, “right person-right seat” strategy and a 3 month review (optional yearly reviews) ensuring on-going alignment.
  1. Uncover Core Strengths, Values, Vision & Mission for the employee’s.
  2. One to one facilitating with each employee to uncover their personal Strengths, Core Values, Vision & Mission.
  3. Based on findings from Step 2, bespoke career paths can be created in collaboration with your organisation for employees, to increase clarity, productivity and staff retention. Alternatively organisations offer this as an additional benefits package.
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Ultimate Contribution’s Vision

A time when everyone is inspired by,
at peace with, connected to,
and living in service of
their Ultimate Contribution

Ultimate Contrbution’s Values