Never Compare Yourself to Anyone with LinkedIn Expert Sam Rathling

Sam Rathling is the UK's leading LinkedIn expert, single mum to three children and an incredibly busy business owner, entrepreneur, best selling author and international speaker.

Inspired by her dad, Sam always wanted to run her own business before the age of 30, and did it at the age of 28.

She and her dad started a recruitment firm in Ireland, knowing no one, and managed to bag a large Amazon contract against a lot of competition.

Later she went onto have Network Marketing success with her husband, who was able to retire, but soon dried up when the company went bust and soon after her marriage ended.

Sam started again, got backing from an investor, but unfortunately he turned out to be a shady customer and took her money.

In walks Nick Jones a multi millionaire and Pipeline 44 was born. A mission led company helping small businesses to succeed.

Named by Yahoo! Finance as a top 10 global LinkedIn expert to follow. Author of best-selling books ๐Ÿ“š, 'Linked Inbound' and 'Linked Outbound'.

Sam helps sales teams and business owners to build sales pipeline, and generate opportunities.

As Chief Revenue Officer of the Pipeline 44 Group, she is responsible for our revenue growth, whilst helping clients small and large to do the same.




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