The Rocky Health Road of Professional Basketball to Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with Amy Denson

Amy is a retired professional basketball player who was diagnosed with her second autoimmune disorder in 2016.

She went from playing professional  basketball all over the world to battling professional fatigue and not  recognizing herself in the mirror.

After retiring from professional playing she felt lost in terms of what she wanted to do with her life. This gave her challenges and she battled with certain work based relationships. Luckily she had the insight to recognise she was integral to the issues and therapy helped her deal with it and recognise she was worth way more than she had been settling for.

From her rock bottom moment, she felt a nudge that told her there had to be a better way and she relied on her mindset built within her athletic career to pave the way to feeling like herself again and even better than  before!

She is now certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), specializing in thyroid health, striving to  support women in advocating for their health, getting their energy  back, and feeling like themselves again.

Women are bombarded by ludicrous ways to look and age a certain way and Amy is on a mission to dispel all of that, lose the over whelment, and take small steps until the momentum is building and changes naturally happen as part of new way of living.

She wants to support women in their health journey in any way she can.

And remember that before and after photo we all compare too. The woman in the before shot, was the woman that made the choice to start to change, so never be negative about that woman, she had to start somewhere and be proud of that woman.

The best way to find Amy is on Insta

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