As Long as There is Breath in Your Body There is Hope with Marriage Expert Cody Butler

Cody Butler is one of lifes real gems. 

In this episode he shares all of his highs and lows and I was impressed with his honesty and vunerability.

From successful businesses that failed, to depression, alcoholism and drug addiction Cody leaves no stone unturned. 

He is the founder of Better Marriage, and the  creator of the “Marriage Recovery Process” teaching couples how to  repair intimacy, restore communication and rebuild their marriage.

He’s also the author #1 Best Selling Author of โ€œCut The B.S – A No-Nonsense Guide To Happinessโ€.

Heโ€™s been featured on Fox, ABC, and NBC and has helped 1000’s of couples to date.

Through “Better Marriage”, Cody’s helping couples develop the skills needed to succeed in marriage in today’s “New Normal”.

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Marriage Programme

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