Preparing For What You Really Want

Abraham Hicks loves talking about ‘filling in your grid’.

What does that mean?

It means that the Universe, when we allow it, naturally brings things into your life that you want and moves you forwards to your ultimate desires.

“The grid filling-in, isn’t the action that we think is necessary to achieve the desire. The grid filling-in is preparing for the action.”

“The grid filling-in is the same thing as saying, the current manifestation is in progress.”

We are all tempted to fill-in our own grid but it’s the wise ones that know that you can’t.

“You have to prepare yourself vibrationally — which means you’ve got to get off the specifics and stay general, because as long as you’re talking about specifics, you’re going to activate things that don’t allow things to unfold smoothly.”

If there is fear, or you are not ready for what you want, then it won’t feel good to take the action. You may get impatient and force the action, and usually this ends up with you not feeling in alignment and creates more issues along the way.

“Abraham wants the pleasure of the conscious, deliberate gridding to be as significant as the pleasure of your desire or the end result.”

So if you want something and it’s not coming, there must be something stuck in your vibrational craw which is blocking you from receiving it.

Go general and feel good as much as you can anyway. The thought or fantasy about what you want can very often feel just as good as the reality if not better.

If you want to see the full video that inspired this post you can watch it below:

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