Improve How You Are Showing Up In Your Relationship Through Self Healing with Lair Torrent

Born into abject poverty to a  15-year-old mother Lair Torrent never saw true love and connection that stood  the test of time. Now in his personal life as well as in the lives of  the couples he works with Lair has created the thing he never knew  growing up.

Bar tending forever in New York to pay his way Lair originally started off his professional life as an actor, and it was his spirit that allowed him to see this was not authentically who he was. 

Bar tending did allow him to meet his future wife, and he just knew the moment he saw her, even though he was already in a relationship.

Lair is a leading Marriage and Family Therapist taking on couples therapy when most other therapists hated working with couples and is the author of the book “The Practice of Love. He is a psychotherapist, executive consultant, and speaker.

Blending  Eastern-based mindfulness practices and Western clinical models, Lair  has created a powerful approach to healing. He helps clients take  control of their lives.

Lair has been resourced/interviewed by NPR, the New York Times, and Rolling Stone for his expertise. He is in private practice and works remotely with clients worldwide

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If  you want to know more about Mel Clarke, the host of The Never Settle  podcast Mel is also a Life Purpose Coach & Reiki Healer  helping  people come out of chaos to find their purpose driven direction in life.

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