Maximising Retirement With Heart and Without Boredom with Sharon Rolph

Sharon is an exhuberant individual and certainly does not want to settle in her retirement.

She candidly refers to her childhood where sexual abuse happened, and she was glad that her father kept his hands of her.

This lead to her trying to stay invisible for lots of her childhood and as her younger adult self, although she refers to experiences where she certainly came out of herself and was the complete opposite to that. 

When Sharon retired from Boeing in 2016, she soon started bouncing off the walls trying to figure out how to be productive. So she began putting the skills sheโ€™d used as a Behavioral Scientist at Boeing and developed a personal Essence Statement. 

This Essence Statement enabled her to fully live each day from her inner spark with a sense of purpose.

Without purpose in retirement it can lead to depression, suicide, alcoholism and boredom.

Sharon then went on to create podcasts, workshops, speaking engagements, and coaching programs that empower retirees to discover their unique spark and potential to live a more engaged, fulfilling, and joy-filled life.

Sharon has also written a book called Fresh Courage in Retirement and wants to offer to senior people the opportunities to leave a legacy and use their untapped potential rather than just playing golf every day. 

Each personโ€™s uniqueness is precious to Sharon, and as an inspirational guide, she loves helping retirees awaken their courage, explore options, and ignite their greatness.

Having a talent and not sharing it is a life lead unfulfilled.

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