Have an Incredible Impact!

I want to focus on the theme of ❤️ love today.

Have you been feeling a really dark energy of late?

I and millions of others have been, and quite frankly it sucks at times.

The gemstone of feeling this way, is the contrast of those days of lightness, where the 🥰 smile comes back easier, and the motivation and inspiration rise again.

This is a lighter day for me and I received a huge intuitive impulse to write this post.

I am sending YOU love and healing. To acknowledge that if you are suffering right now, that it will pass, and with the power of love ❤️ and support to all, we will all heal ourselves a lot quicker than on our own.

And I’m asking you to pay this forward. Perhaps send an impromptu loving and supportive text, message or email to someone/s you know are struggling right now.

If this post has lightened your ❤️ heart some, just think about the power of your personal message to the people you love and care about.

Sending love as a collective will create a massive energetic shift as it ripples around the world.

Have a wonderfully light and blessed day, and spread the love, the world REALLY needs it right now.

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