3 Reasons Your Business is not Growing and you Keep Losing Staff

Hiring and keeping the right staff has always been an art form, but since ‘The Great Resignation’ it’s become even trickier.

Talking to a client recently who was asking his latest resigner why he was leaving, the answer received was “I’ve just got a new puppy!’ You might automatically think this employer makes people work in the office, but that isn’t true, he is very flexible with his staff. So the truth is…. that wasn’t the truth.

So why are employees leaving or being enticed away from their current employers, and why are they not being honest?

Well, you don’t know what you don’t know…… and perhaps employee’s just don’t know why, other than the current job or career just doesn’t feel right anymore. And maybe they don’t know because their employer doesn’t know, and doesn’t have clarity on the things that really matter.

Essential questions to start thinking about are:

  • Does your business have a clear Vision & Mission, you believe in?
  • Are your leaders powerfully aligned?
  • Does your business have defined Values and confident decision-making criteria?

If the answer is no to one or all of these then it is easy to see why you are losing staff and struggling to increase your bottom line.

Employees today, especially the younger generation want to live a more purpose driven and fulfilled life. They are not content to put up with the old model of a 9-5 clocking into an office, retail outlet, or warehouse every day for the hell of it.

So what do employee’s want?

  • They want to work for an employer they resonate with.
  • They want that employer to have a clear vision and mission so they can buy into it with more loyalty.
  • They want to feel valued and resonate with the Core values of their employer.
  • They want to have a bespoke career path that utilises what they are inherently good at, enjoy and have a passion for.

And clients?

  • Raving clients want to work with a business they resonate with.
  • They want that business to have a clear vision and mission so they can buy into it with more loyalty.
  • They want to feel valued and resonate with the Core values of their preferred chosen business’s.
  • They want to grow a shared vision with the businesses they work with for greater alignment and more fulfilment.

You get the picture?

That’s why the work I am doing with businesses right now is so very important.

When the business leaders know their TRUE core values (not the ones they think they have), they can create their TRUE vision and mission for the world.

The unique formulation we offer at Ultimate Contribution Uncovered gets to the truth of who you are, unlike so many other programs or marketing projects out there.

Whether you are a solopreneur or a growing business, this insight is essential to then creating your authentic Business Core Values, Vision and Mission.

When there is TRUE Business Alignment your colleagues, employees, peers and clients will thrive in their partnership with you and in their own lives.

Reach out HERE if you would like to learn more!

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