Change Your Perception at Will

According to science, there are one million bits of information vying for our attention at any given time, but we can only process 16 of them, yes 16!! Furthermore, each person has their unique 16 bits, so insisting on being right in our reality is pointless because clearly everyone has their own version and perception 🤓.

This makes the saying “Would you rather be right or be happy?” even more significant, since being right only applies to our perception and not to everyone else’s. Think of the arguments and years of not speaking to people on the premise that you were right….. when in fact so were they with their unique perspective.

To add even more to the mix, the way we react to everyday situations or conversations can be massively influenced by whatever part or protector is currently triggered in our system at that time.

We all have many different parts that play out in various circumstances, such as the inquisitive part, the angry part, the meddling part, the 😞 sad part, the lonely part, the happy part, and so on. Contrary to popular belief, these parts do not represent our whole personality but are, in fact, protectors that have been trained since we were young to bring us back to safety in every situation.

We all have those times where we can feel this part or protector and its very loud voice as it is so disconnected from the whole of who we are. Why don’t you start to become aware of your parts and even name them. The more you do this the more you can say “hello again, nice to see you, you’re doing a great job, and I still want to experience this emotion and let it pass through”.

The protector’s instinct is to suppress whatever unpleasant emotions or feelings we are experiencing, and more often than not, we let that happen. In doing so, the energy/emotion does not have the opportunity to be released, and over time we feel more tight, anxious, sad, angry, disappointed, and everything in between. If we do this for years, you can imagine the impact it has on our mind, body, and emotions.

The mind has quite literally hijacked our ❤️ heart.

When we don’t allow ourselves to heal properly, we keep getting repetitive situations that reflect back to us our wounds that need healing. This understanding has been very prevalent for me these last couple of months.

On the contrary, if we can tune more into our body and heart, follow our gut, so to speak, then energy and life just flow for the better. We can feel into our heart for our true guidance.

So a simple practical way of doing this:

Put your awareness to your heart and start to feel the sensation (theres no right or wrong and everyone will be different). Then ask yourself a simple YES question such as “Is my name Mel?” and see how it feels. Then ask yourself a simple NO question “Do I have black hair?” The sensation will change. Try it our again with a few more YES and NO questions to really know which is which.

Then have some fun with it. For example you can even try this in everyday situations like buying 🍏 food at the supermarket. Instead of just grabbing the usual stuff or food we think is good for us, put your awareness into your heart. If its a YES it goes in the trolley if its a NO…. then thats up to you 🙂

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