Change Your Words and Change Your Life with Mel Clarke

Language is a funny old thing. Used in the right way it can be very uplifting and empowering, and used in the wrong way can be negative, stressful and disempowering.

In this episode I talk about how changing your words will change your life. Changing certain phrases to something more positive and less aggressive, to change your own mindset, relationships and life in general.

1. The first one is ‘I should….’Where are you saying ‘I should…’ ย the most?

Eg. I should be further in my career, or I should have a husband by now, or I should have kids by now and it goes on.

How about replacing ‘I should….’ with ‘I get to…’ย I

2 – Try replacing the word ‘but’ with ‘and’

A classic example of this is ‘I love you, but…. ‘ Using that one word completely negates the bit of the sentence that came before it and puts the other person on the defense.

3 – And stop saying ‘I have to…’ and start saying ‘I get too…’

Eg. Replace ‘I have to go to work so I can pay the bills!’ with ‘I get to go to work so I can easily pay my bills!’

This immediately makes all the things we get to do, feel more positive and like we have a choice, rather than overwhelmed and having no time.

Have fun with this and try and watch yourself as if you are watching a character in a movie….when you catch yourself you can be aware of it and change it the next time ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿฅฐ

If you want to know more about Mel Clarke, she is also a Lifeย Purpose Coach &ย Reiki Healer helpingย people come out of chaos toย find their purpose driven direction inย life, as well as living guilt free lives.

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