Choice or Decision with Mel Clarke

Choice or decision?

Whats the difference?

A choice is simply what you choose to do or be or have. I choose to be spiritual, why? because I choose to be spiritual. I choose to live in England, why? because I choose to live in England.

A decision is deciding between different things. I decided to eat the vanilla ice cream because I prefer it to chocolate. I decided to go to Italy because I prefer it to Greece.

Do you get the distinction?

In our bodies it’s our mind that decides and our heart that chooses.

Those crazy things that feel like a ‘Hell yes’ which sometimes you carry through on …but very often don’t and let the logic of the mind influence you to decide to make the logical or safe decision.

This is also very like that gut feeling we get when faced with choices or life events. Every time you ignore your gut it’s usually the wrong choice, as it became a decision in that moment.

And when you make a choice, it WILL take you closer to the alignment of who you truly are.

That alignment might seem negative to begin with whilst the old stuff that no longer serves you breaks away and that is as it should be and is perfect.

Test it next time and see how your body or heart feels when making your next choice 🙂

If you want to know more about Mel Clarke, she is also a Life Purpose Coach & Reiki Healer helping people come out of chaos to find their purpose driven direction in life, as well as living guilt free lives.

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