Dip Your Toe into the Magic of Being Yourself with Cindy Ryan

I loved talking with Cindy, she is so warm, genuine and emotional, just my kind of gal!!

Cindy saw and felt spirit from a young child, even telling her parents her grandma had died before the phone call came (and grandma wasn’t even ill). 

She is now an intuitive guide, Reiki Master and Emotion Code Practitioner based in North Vancouver, BC. 

She feels humbled to be able to help humans to find their uplifting, honest inner voice and loves helping people find their inner bliss. 

Cindys life used to be very different when she married young and had 2 sons who are her world. She worked in licensing with a clipboard no less, for 17 years. She admits now she was pretty judgemental back then and nothing like she is today, but after her divorce and being a single mum, life began to change.

A bad accident saw her go to a Reiki healer for help and on walking through the door she instantly felt as home.

She attuned to Reiki herself and after a lot of patience a chance meeting with a business woman helped launch her business, brand and her website.

Throughout the interview the spirits were with us. If you get the chance to watch it on Youtube you will see the amazing coloured light that almost engulfs the whole screen and the white light that shoots across her every so often. Lots of giggles and amazement. 

Cindy also interviewed me on her own podcast The Girl Out There and you can watch the episode here or listen here

If you want to find out more you can find Cindy at her:




If you want to know more about Mel Clarke, the host of The Never  Settle podcast Mel is also a Life Purpose Coach & Reiki Healer  helping people come out of chaos to find their purpose driven direction  in life.

You can find Mel on her Website, Insta or Facebook.

Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/mel-clarke/message

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