Do you believe in magic?

Do you believe In magic 🔮?

Well I can only describe what happened on my recent podcast episode with Cindy Ryan from Blisfful Intuitive as 😳 JUST THAT!

I have trimmed down to a 1 minute video clip here to show you exactly what we saw when chatting.

Cindy and I are both ❤️ ‍Reiki healers, Cindy has been doing this as a career for longer than me and can also attune people to become healers.

Whilst talking about her experiences including channeling, spirit 😇 certainly made its presence known.

I promise you there are no special effects here! The video and interview started as normal and then this amazing 🔆 light and 💚 colour kept showing itself, as it got even brighter we started to see white lights shooting past the screen.

Cindy and I both know what we believe this represents, so what do you believe, is it 🪄 magic ???


You can also watch the full episode here: or click on the link here to listen in audio only.

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