Get Your Mortgage Paid with Passive Income First to Build Your Wealth with Paje Ray

Paje Rey is a coach, mentor, and online entrepreneur. She  was born and raised in Manila, Philippines and migrated to Canada at  the age of 16, and married young for her culture at the age of 21. 

Paje and her husband really struggled in the early days in terms of income, even to buy groceries. That first year was hard and she felt like wanting out of the marriage as the lack of money created exhaustion and guilt, and her job was not fulfilling her in anyway. 

Throughout her life in Canada, she received so many enquiries from friends and acquaintances in the Philippines asking for  help to migrate abroad. They expressed their desires to attain better standards of living and she quickly realized the cultural belief that success was only attainable abroad. 

She started observing and recognized  that it really doesnโ€™t matter where you are: Some Filipinos work multiple jobs, live paycheck to paycheck and in piles of debt despite living abroad, while some filipinos thrive whether they reside in the Motherland or migrated overseas. What sets blessed Filipinos apart from  those who are struggling is not their place of residency but whether or  not they have mastered the Success Mindset.

Soon thereafter, Paje and her family experienced a breakthrough that drastically changed their lives. Within six months, they went from struggling to freeโ€”from renting a small bedroom in a friend’s house to  living in their own apartment, debt-free. Investing in a mentor was quite an ask but she did it anyway and it massively changed her life and perspective. 

His advice took her from the urge to thinking she needed to earn six figures to simply covering her basic living expenses with passive income. And although she initially thought that to be $2500 per month, her starting point was $600 to cover her mortgage. Once the mortgage is paid automatically people become less desparate and have more money to invest elsewhere.

This inspired her to host an online show called Christian Entrepreneur Movement which jump started her coaching career.

Her early years in the coaching industry allowed her to mentor non-filipinos and it further validated that race or background has nothing to do with the quality of life you live.

She is committed to making her life a living example and to serve as a mentor to driven and ambitious individuals so they can master the success mindset and be blessed in every area of their life.

A big advocate of the wealth triangle she advises using your high income skill, something you can offer to people and get paid a high amount of money. She went from $13 per hour to $325 per hour with her first coaching client. The next step is make your business scaleable and create a system through courses, webinars etc. And the 3rd step is to start investing your extra income in other areas like crypto, stocks, gold etc. 

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