The Experience of Life is How We THINK About What Happens to Us Not WHAT Happens To Us with Rob Dubin

Rob Dubin is a real inspiration, and the epitomy of being positve, happy and manifesting an amazing life. 

By his mid 20’s Rob was an award winning filmmaker who owned his own  company and was well paid to travel the world camera in hand doing natural world work for numerous Fortune 500 companies. 

Rob has an amazing story of being lost in a winter blizzard in Colorado for 5 days and his wife and him were given up for dead. The search for them had been viral news worldwide so when they did  survive, the first call they received was from the President of the United  States. 

The frostbite Rob’s wife incurred led the doctors to announce they would amputate both her feet and most of her fingers. Because Rob and his wife are so positive they refused to sign the papers for the surgery and focused instead on a full  recovery. 

Using many techniques from their studies with Tony Robbins they focused on creating first in their minds a very compelling future. It took a year to heal her feet, defying the doctors predictions. A year after that at age 42 Rob and his wife  turned the compelling future they had in their minds into reality. 

They sold their home, bought a sailboat and spent the next 17 years  sailing around the world studying human happiness and fulfillment. They shared their lives with both billionaires and barefoot villagers in 100  countries. The survival experience was their own personal Covid moment and their response of deciding to seek happiness parallels what so many in  the workplace are experiencing now. 

Today Rob teaches people a recipe for happiness. For individuals this translates to more fulfilling careers  and a happier home life and for corporations it stems resignations and  transforms workplaces resulting in increases in bottom lines.

The Great Resignation is without a doubt the biggest challenge facing leaders and managers today.

Rob’s  very unique story grabs attention and thus allows his insights on  retention and employee happiness to create the transformation that makes  employees happy to stay on the job.

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