Your Voice is a Magical Tool and Portal for Transformation with Jordano Frankel

Jordana Frankel is a Love  and Confidence coach who helps people heal from heartbreak by tapping into  the magic of archetypes to attract the love they deserve.

Jordana is a wonderful person who loves using singing and humming to heal and help with channeling. 

In this conversation she talks about her heartbreak, polyamourous relationships, and he upcoming wedding to her twin flame. 

Jordana guides her  soul-aligned clients through the shadow work needed to discover the  patterns and root fears that stand in the way of their ability to  receive epic love.

Her unique approach of integrating Jungian  archetypes allows clients to not only develop an awareness of their  projections, but also to embody their new, empowered identity by  teaching them to align with the perfect, whole aspect of those  archetypes.

Some of these archetypes include the Inner Child  & the Magical Child, the Warrior, Mother Earth, the Mother, the  Father, and the Creator.

Jordana blends Jungian depth psychology  with IFS-style part work to create a more spiritual approach to healing  the heart. She also uses vocal and sound healing to support her clients.

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If you want to know more about Mel Clarke, the host of The Never Settle podcast Mel is also a Life Purpose Coach & Reiki Healer  helping people come out of chaos to find their purpose driven direction in life.

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