You Have to Be WIlling to Adapt and Not Quit with R&B Singer – Alaura Lovelight

Alaura Lovelight is a real force of nature and ambitious recording artist, and after having this conversation I really wonder how she ever gets any sleep. 

An American R&B singer, songwriter and producer based out of New York City she has performed all over the US for over 100,000 people. Her newest music single “EROTICY” has been played over 1 million times on Tik Tok, is currently playing on over 25+ radio stations in the US and internationally including Germany, the U.K and Canada among others. She works alongside Grammy award winning producers and #1 Billboard selling  artists and has been featured as a guest on multiple different podcasts and radio shows.

As a writer she has been published on over 5  major websites including Thrive Global, Addicted2Success and Music  Matters with more than a collective 15 million monthly user reach.

She is also the CEO of Lovelight Sound Music, and creator of ‘Unseen to Young Queen’, a teen girls course to teach teens how singing songwriting  and performance enhances confidence, influences self love and builds  basic life skills,  as well as the creator of Make Music Make Money, a  course to teach musicians how to make a full or part-time income through  live music with no booking manager, no fancy equipment and no social  media following.

Alaura started playing instruments from a very young age and trained classically on the piano for over 25 years  and studied music composition professionally at The University of  Northwestern.
In addition to performing, writing and recording she works  with people of all ages through her courses, private consulting and  coaching to teach others how to use music to build a life they love.
In 2018 she founded the You Matter Movement to use music to  empower and inspire the youth and has since worked with hundreds of  youth through after school music empowerment programs, teen empowerment  workshops, and individual music lessons for songwriting and  performance.

Alaura also touches on the darker side of the industry and makes sure she gives this information and confidence to other young girls in the industry.

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