The Business of Happiness with Dr Tarryn MacCarthy

The very smiley Dr. Tarryn MacCarthy is an Orthodontist, Coach and Host of The Business of Happiness Podcast.

She is on a mission to help driven entrepreneurs to redefine success. Guiding high achieving and ambitious business owners and leaders to rediscover happiness in the pursuit of their dreams.

Intent on exposing the shame, guilt and overwhelm that leads to anxiety and depression plaguing our business and health care sectors. Tarryn is passionate about guiding leaders to find their happiness and believe  deeply that when you FEEL good you can DO good.

As an orthodontist and business owner she found herself in the depths of depression and anxiety and drinking too much. A pivotal moment was when she found herself peeing in the trashcan in her kitchen and she knew the booze had to go. After a decade of pushing herself to find success in the hopes  of “one day” finding happiness she learned that happiness precedes success and not the other way around.

As a motivational speaker and  Prosperity Coach she now guides others to become the happiest business owners  they know.

No matter which steps in her evolving identity as a sister, a friend, a  lover, a mother, a runner, an explorer, an orthodontist, a leader, an  entrepreneur, a teacher, a professor, a motivational speaker, an author,  a student, an empowerer of women and men, a dreamer, a manifestor, an  evolving soul….. I have learned three things and strive to know them  every day: Appreciate, Allow and Amplify!

You will see a lot more from this vibrant amazing soul in the years to come, she has a lot more to achieve and a lot more people to serve!

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