When your life is a work of art there is no failure with Johanna Renoth

Johanna was born in the Bavarian alps in a town that is very picturesque. Imagine snow-capped peaks, emerald lakes, and technicolor meadows. It’s almost unreal and was also really central to the Nazi regime and to date, people go there to learn about history.

When you grow up in between this stark contrast of natural beauty and incomprehensible evil, it has a profound effect on you.

Johanna has lived all over the world and started her first tech business back in 2008. By 2011 she was suffering her first burnout. After resting from that she landed a role in media for a few years and then started her second travel tech start up company in 2018. Unfortunately the timing with Covid did not allow the company to succeed and also lead to her second burn out, which is how she has now ended up back in her storybook Alps town.

Johanna is now an Agent of Change and Inspiration and a multi-disciplinary Artist of Life.

Her  preferred media of life artistry are her work, love, art and music, trial and error, change, curiosity, creativity, travel, fashion, and hunger for experiences.

Johanna doesn’t like to be put into a box, or defined by a set of labels. She asks ‘What if you lived your life like an artist creating a masterpiece? Where all experiences – even the  crises and breakdowns – make it more rich and beautiful?’

When your life is a work of art, there’s no failure – only experience. When you’re an artist of life, you allow yourself to live life deeply,  experience by experience. Each experience is like a colorful thread. Together, they weave the rich tapestry that is your life.

To get an idea of what Johanna contributes, you can read her Artist of Life Manifesto here: https://bit.ly/31bPrmO

Johanna loves to inspire, share, and connect. She wants to support people in finding more joy and seeing more beauty in their lives. Her work aims to inspire people to fully embrace themselves and their quirks  and let go of the idea of failure. There’s no failure, when you create the bigger picture of your life, there’s only learning.

Johanna believes we all need to be ourselves and to embrace our uniqueness and weirdness and to go forth and enjoy your weirdness 🙂

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