Heart Centred Healing with Dr Catherine Uram

How does universal energy move through our bodies and  into our lives? We consciously connect with the universal energy through  practices such as yoga and meditation, and through this become more  sensorially aware of how it travels through our mind, body, and outer world. The key is noticing how this energy comes through your heart. It’s known across healing paradigms that this is where the energy gets  distributed for health, wellbeing and vitality.

Dr Catherine Uram comes from a family lineage of physicians and surgeons and trained as a conventional doctor. Mofre recently she now offers integrated  alternative/natural/holistic therapies into her practice.

She has trained in sacred healing modalities from all over the world, including reiki, and it’s her passion to help people awaken to their true calling and contribution in this new era of humanity.

Catherine realised when treating her patients with conventional treatments that they needed more. Through further training she believes all healing powers come from the heart and so loves to offer heart centred meditations to those that are open to more natural healing.

There is a wonderful heart mediation that is shared within this episode around the 10 minute mark.

If you would like to find out more about Catherines heart centred healing you can find her at:




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