From UK Lawyer to The First Female President of Ghana with Naa Amerley Asante-Armar

Naa, formerly a lawyer, is a Matriark on a mission to heal Ghana, Afrika and the World  through the empowerment of mothers and mother-figures.

In Ghana there is a proverb: “If you educate a man, you educate an individual. If you educate a woman, you educate a nation.”

As co-founder of Power to our Mothers Foundation Afrika, Naa works to support women and the work she does as a Speaker and Intuitive Life Coach serves to help evolve people’s consciousness so that they can reconnect with their innate wisdom and create what they love.

Naa is also now on a path to contest in the December 2024 elections to become the first  female President of Ghana.

The eldest child of 3 girls saw naa naturally hold positions of authority, she was a social butterfly, and very musical so being a politician was never in her dreams.

Naa got married in 2007 and has two sons. Her marriage started to fail a few years later leading to divorce, and she realised she had given everything up that she felt made her who she was. She felt depressed and isolated and in the eye of her storm said to herself ‘theres got to be more to life’. Admitting that to herself opened an awareness a few days later when she received an invite to an event which centred on discovering your purpose.

That event changed her life and she hasn’t looked back since. It made her realise she was not broken even though she was £1000s in debt and she didn’t need to fix herself to create the things she loved. This kick started her on a year of training and she became a coach, and Naa specifically works with female mothers.

She had always wanted to reconnect with her heritage which is Ghana and she had a dream in 2018 involving her mother and grandmother. The symbolism was to wash away any trauma’s in the lake, but she then saw a long line of women, fore mothers, ancestors behind them wanting to do the same. This dream has never left her.

In 2019 Naa was approached by a Ghanian man, lets call him Francis, through her Instagram Coaching page who invited her to come to Ghana and be president, with his vision that the mothers need to be placed back into their position of respect. Francis felt Naa could speak his message to the masses inspiring other women too. So she announced to family & friends that she was leaving the UK to run for being president. It could have seemed strange but the series of events and the things he was saying to her, meant she didn’t think he was crazy and it felt aligned to who she was becoming.

Through being in alignment things just worked out for everyone, even her ex husband was happy to move back to Ghana so taking the boys there was not an issue.

Francis is her soulmate. His vision is driven by the loss of his mother, whose parting words to him were ‘if he wants his life to be ok he needs to make sure the women in his life are ok’.

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