Cured From Coeliac in One Theta Healing Session with Emily Miotto

Emily Miotto is a Theta Healing practitioner,  Cosmic channeler, and empathetic intuitive.

She loves to speak about spirituality, the mind, belief systems, the Matrix, and anything to do with energy and Universal Laws.

One day Emily was a healthy young woman and the next had started to suffer with chronic digestive issues. For a long time there was no diagnosis from western doctors. No one could work it out, and Emile kept asking herself ‘why did it happen’?

Eventually she was diagnosed as Coeliac and told it was incurable so she started looking at eastern medicines and tried acupuncture, aswell as trying a naturopath. These had their place but when she discovered Theta Healing she knew it was different. After only one session she cured herself.

Through Theta Emily discovered that the energy of a past sexual trauma had been supressed and then eventually mainfested into chronic digestive issues.

A practitioner herself she discusses 3 primary parts to the healing: mediation; witnessing and intention. And wonderfully it feels like meditation through the whole session. The work done by your Practitioner changes your state of being and mind at a higher vibration. This work can trace back to the moment you installed a certain belief, and ages 0-7 are the fundamental years for beliefs to be installed. Through witnessing you can pull and remove that belief, so it will now serve you in your current life.

There is also muscle testing where your body sways a different way to the beginning of the session after you have pulled that belief away.

You can reprogram the mind to reclaim your power and relinquish the power your past has on you.

Wise words to anyone who wants to heal….If you’re know youre ready to do the work you need to be ready to be uncomfortable?

And we all choose from Fear or Love. But choosing love will guide you to the right path.

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