Without Self Love You Will Never Achieve Your Best Life by Mary Arevalo

In today’s episode of the The ‘Never Settle’ Podcast, it was wonderful to spend time with my  friend Mary Arevalo who shares why she settled in her marriage and finances for far too long.

Mary married very young at the age of 19, and was very much a product of the era she was brought up in. She spent a lot of years putting her families needs and feelings before her own. 

Over the years she knows that she felt trapped financially, and she felt that kept her in a marriage that did not fulfill her.  However  whilst speaking on this podcast  she actually realised that it was  a lack of self love that kept her trapped not the money, and this lack came from the relationship with her mother.

Mary always knew there was something more for her in life, with the passion bubbling inside she took the decision in 2018 to leave her husband and spent a few months getting to know herself and feeling free. 

A family event forced Mary back to her family home, because she is still wrestling with the love she has for them versus her own self love.  That said she is enjoying life a lot more now, giving herself more time and love than ever. 

Mary is also empowering other women over a certain age to take back control of their finances, whilst certainly taking control of her own.

Listen to Mary’s inspiring story of not settling for less than your true worth and how everyone of us can do the same!

If you would like to reach out to Mary for a chat you can find her hanging out at https://www.facebook.com/thepipelinebuilders https://www.facebook.com/Mary.FinancialRefinement or https://www.instagram.com/financial.refinement and don’t forget soon she will have her FB group JuicyTalkBetweenusWomen

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