Autism Rocks & Rolls with Sam Mitchell

When Sam was at high school, he loved his media club and wanted to continue with this so had the inspiration to start his own podcast. Autism Rocks & Rolls was born. 

He doesn’t want pity, and feels there is nothing for people to feel sorry for him about. Everyone has their own talents, and autism is not a sign of weakness but a strength. 

The downside of autism is suffering with anxiety and feeling exclused for most of his life. He is also very senstive to what he wears and in his words, doesn’t like to play dress up.

70% of people with autism can’t keep a job either due to: anxiety; being blunt; not being able to make plan B’s; over analysing; or melting down in the middle of the job.

The hardest part is people don’t notice you and treat you like garbage. But now  Sam has a group of friends which he is grateful for everyday. 

The podcast was born in October 2019 after a flash of inspiration. This platform was to help people with autism and other disabilities. 

Good old mum started the flow with Sam’s first guests, and then they connected to people with special needs or connections to special needs. There have been many big names including Armani Williams, first NASCAR driver who is open about having autism, and American Idol Rocker James Durbin who has autism and Tourette’s. His biggest guest of all was Dr. Temple Grandin, professor in Animal Science  at Colorado State University and autism activist. He also has had WWE  legends Mick Foley and Al Snow on his show! 

He secured a Ted Talk in 2020 after he was recommended a couple of times. It was a virtual talk, but even if he had to do it in person he would not have been scared. 

Anxiety is an issue for Sam but his life coach to helps. In Sam’s words you need to find what works for you.

He really apsires to interview Gordon Ramsay due to his harsh upbringing and he’s an all round great guy.

You can find Sam on all social media platforms including Insta  or his podcast here and his website at

As well as The Never Settle podcast host Mel Clarke is also a Life Purpose Coach &  Reiki Healer helping people come out of chaos to  find their purpose  driven direction in life. You can find out more about Mel on her Website, Insta or Facebook

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