Becoming Significant with Sylvia Baldock

Sylvia Baldock hosts the Becoming Significant Podcast, and is an author, consultant, coach, speaker, and business woman.

From the age of 13, from a strict Baptiste family, she ran a youth club with her brothers in Glasgow for disadvantaged teenagers. 

It wasn’t long before Sylvia felt left out at school because of her strict upbringing and eventually started to rebel. She was allowed to go the disco and within no time at all met guy and fell in love at 15, married him at 19, and realised she’d made a mistake on the honeymoon. He became very controlling and she essentialy was his property. Over whelming shame and shrinking herself, she did not feel significant at all. This experience made her want to help others who were suffering with low esteem , and help them break out their patterns.

Trained as a nurse, serious health problems kept her ill for months and she eventually realised she didnt want to continue as a nurse. Fast forward into pharmaceutical sales which gave her a great grounding in sales, marketing and business. 

Over the last few years Sylvia has ran network groups, studied psychometric tests, and achieved accreditation in coaching. The more you learn and grow the more you can offer your clients. Sylvia also joined a professional speaking association, which was scary and stretched her, but now Sylvia teaches people how to publicly speak. Her motto is recognise the fear and rise above it, if you feel scared thats a good thing. 

When in her high powered sales job, she realised she still had glandular fever in her system. A nasty flu developed into ME and she had to completely stop working . A naturopath helped her get 70% healthier. and then she got married again and started a family. After a few years a friend asked her to work for her, and said you need to go networking. Sylvia loved it and when they offered here a franchise which she bit their hand off. 

Stepping into running the business networks she really saw womens vunerability who’d had corporate jobs, then a career break with kids, who then tried to launch their own business’s, and loved helping them and see them flourish. Naturaly this lead to coaching and then developing the 6 week Becoming Significant program. 

If funds are not an issue Sylvia strongly advises everyone to spend time with a coach or mentor, but if money is tight see it as a transition, so youre gradually building skills for something else that you enjoy and want to do for yourself. Remember when were you the most fired up, most in flow, and that must be a great start if you don’t know what to do. Or do a psychometric test such as Contribution Compass which you can find on her website. We have more information at our finger tips than ever before. Get inspiration to learn more about who you are . 

Psychometric tests reinforce your core values, take what resonates for you matched with your core values and this will define what is perfect for you to do. We lose sight of our strengths when we are out of flow, and many of us become what the job has made us and not who we are. Dont settle, we all have an infinite well of potential , dive into it. Dont get to the end of your days and regret things.

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