The Pivotal Moment When You Knew You Were Settling for Second Best by Sylvia, Tenae, Francesca and Dana

We hear from 4 very inspirational women in todays podcast. I asked them all the same question: ‘What was the pivotal moment in your life when you realised you were settling for second best?’

For Sylvia it was when she realised on her honeymoon at 19 years of age that she had made a mistake. The next 10 years of having her light dimmed, being emotionally abused, and suffering serious health issues, saw Sylvia begin to rise from the ashes and at 29 after finally leaving her husband, she really started to fly in her career. Sylvia features in a full length interview next week but in the meantime you can reach out to her at

Next we have Tenae Stewart, also known as The Witch of Lupin Hollow, who realised she was settling when she was doing a job she loved but didnt feel fulfilled. There were a few serendipity moments when the Universe was certainly giving her a nudge, and after a series of illnesses and being rejected for jobs in her chosen field of art she finally realised she needed to Trust and Believe. Once she had let go, 2 amazing opportunities landed in her lap that she did not go looking for. A Witches blog she had written in her spare time lead to a publishing deal, and a part time job came out of the blue working in Art. Now she is a successful witch, astrologer, coach and author, how does it get any better than that! You can find Tenae at

Francesca Moi a successful coach, business strategist and author realises that she has settled a lot in her life and possibly could be settling right now. A different slant on things, Francesca believes that settling is a good thing, because you have to know what you don’t want before you can know what you do want. And I agree. Its only after the event in hindsight when you can look back and realise you were playing too small in your business or career, or with someone that is not right for you in a relationship. But its all powerful information that lets us grow and become better in every moment. Reach out to Francesca or Insta @francescamoifm

Last but not least Dana spoke to two occasions where she knew she was settling. A classical soprano, artistic director and professor Dana realised early in her career that live gigs were not paying the same as the teaching work she was doing, and with thoughts of her future in mind, she chose to do a more regional career and focus less on performing. Another occasion when she worked in an academic voice faculty she quickly realised her teaching and values did not align with the curriculum she was expected to teach other musicians. So she began to focus on building her own studio with high level students and has found this far more fulfilling and fitting with who she is. You can reach out and find more at 

As well as podcast host Mel Clarke is also a Life Purpose Coach & Reiki Healer helping people come out of chaos to find their purpose driven direction in life. You can find out more about Mel on her Website, Insta or Facebook

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