Business Owner with Extreme Stress to Happiness Coach and Author with Laura DiBenedetto

From humble beginnings, Laura was told to be seen and not heard. She didn’t suit traditional employment and so started her own marketing company at the tender age of 19. 

She loved Robert Kyiosaki’s teachings in her twenties and made some huge mistakes in real estate, but never let go of the idea of passive income.

She retired from her business at 37 feeling really burned out, and thought she would feel amazing but didnt so she studied human behaviour, and how to be happy. After hitting on a successful remedy and massively changing her own life she wanted to share with her knowledge with others. 

Working in her marketing business literally nearly killed her and it took her a few years to exit but is now happy and healthy, and wealth is even easier to come by. 

With any business you need to build demand that exceeds supply, then you can put your prices up. Sales are the lifeblood of any company. 

Now a successful coach, author and Tedx speaker, Laura learned lifes lessons the hard way, and brings her wealth of business and personal experience to her clients. A lot of things come from pain. Pain is inspiration for others who are still in that mode. 

Laura asked herself one day “What do happy people have in common?” and that is also how she started her Tedx talk. Through reading and reserarch she realised her thoughts were really bad and negative, and noticed patterns. This was how her book, ‘The 6 Habits’, was born. 

She proved her theories with herself and friends and started changing from the inside. Laura wanted to stop others feeling the pain she felt, and feels she has stumbled on the holy grail. 

The Six Areas are:

How we treat ourselves – Kindness

How we feel about ourselves – Acceptance

How we perceive ife – Gratitude

How we choose to arrive and experience life – Goodness 

How we allow energy in –  Intention

How we allow energy out

Laura attracts people that value experience and not bound by rules and structure and typically entrepreneurs. Although they all think they want business coaching, it usually turns out that everyone has vunerabilities, and that’s where the magic really happens. 

You have to work on yourself, that is the key to inner happiness in personal and business lives. And listen to your body.

You can find and connect with Laura here and get a free copy of The Six Habits here (just pay shipping)

As well as The Never Settle podcast host Mel Clarke is also a Life  Purpose Coach &  Reiki Healer helping people come out of chaos to find their purpose  driven direction in life. You can find out more  about Mel on her Website, Insta or Facebook

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