Wanderlust, Marketing and Getting Married Online with Norbert Hrunevics

Norbert, born in Hungary has always strived to want to do something different with his life and most definitely travel the world.

When he realised he wanted to travel, the first place he started was a massage therapist on cruise ships. Although he enjoyed this, the 13 hour shifts made him realise this life was not for him. As the cruise port was based in Miami which he had visited many times he decided, as America was a dream fo him, to relocate here after his contract finished. 

Miami was a huge surprise as everyone spoke Spanish and it did not seem like living in the States. Even though he thought America would be everything he’d dreamt of, in the end it wasn’t his cup of tea. 

To continue the travel theme Norbert decided to become a flight attendant, and moved to Dubai with airline Emirates. Although he enjoyed the job he did not enjoy being in the corporate world or being forced to smile when he didn’t feel like it. 

With this distaste in his mouth he joined an online education platform called SFM to learn online marketing and become his own boss, as a way out. His vision then was beach living and sipping Pina Coladas. and even sold his car to fund this exciting new venture.

After time Norbert realised the online marketing world is a journey not an instant fix, but he knows his future belongs online. 

SFM gave him great foundations to get going and although he’s moving away from that now, he wants to realise different online pathways to have multiple levels of income.

Building his own brand organically online is the best way to build a longer term marketing business. 

At time of recording Norbert is imminently moving to Japan so we can be with his wife. He met her when working for Emirates and married her online through the pandemic to be able to make being with her full time a reality. 

His pearls of wisdom are “Just take the first step if you want to change your life. Its baby steps and one step at a time will get you there”. 

If you would like to reach out to Norbert you can find him on Facebook here. 

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