Butchered by Healthcare with Dr Robert Yoho

Robert Yoho is 68 years old at time of writing spent three decades as a cosmetic surgeon after his career as an emergency physician. His generalist training gives him perspective and allows him to avoid favoring any medical specialty. He has had little dealings with hospitals, big Pharma, or insurance companies before writing his book ‘Butchered by Healthcare. He retired from medical practice in 2019 and over the years preceeding this realised how corrupt big Pharma and the medical industry is, especially in America. This knowledge came from realising his female clients were being given terrible medications and advice when they started to enter menopause, which didn’t help and made them worse. Through research Robert discovered a much better way, in his opinion, to treat these women, and they all came back saying they felt 20 years younger.

Only in the last few months has Robert dived into the Covid arena, discovering that all was not as it seemed.

In Roberts Words

When I heard the first Covid vaccine had “90-95 percent efficacy,” I thought it was a joke. I knew that the industry’s primary vaccine moneymakers over the past 20 years were nearly useless. The one for influenza was a failure considering the costs and the minuscule benefits (see Cochrane reviews for meta-analyses to learn for yourself). And the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine was rejected by Japanese regulators because half the studies were concealed. These must have shown that it did not work. Despite this, this HPV injection is used universally in Europe and the US, where the Pharma companies are the most powerful.

Getting covid produces powerful and lasting immunity, even for the new variations of the virus. But the vaccine does not prevent the disease.(Rather than rename this concoction the “unvaccine,” the authorities changed the definition of vaccine.) The limited post-marketing studies of the vaccinated seemed to show some modest decrease in disease activity… for two to four months only.

If you believe the marketing hype, these concoctions must be given to everyone in the world, twice or thrice or more. This makes them the most profitable drugs in history. In comparison, the psychiatrists and their psych drug companies have managed to only get 17 percent of us using their drugs. They are amateurs by comparison.

We have inexpensive, proven treatments for viral illnesses. Within a short time, they were also proven to work for covid. These were some of the safest medications ever invented, and billions of doses have been used for humans. Despite my background researching pharmaceutical companies, I became completely convinced of their evil when I learned that a combination of these simple medications reduces total deaths by at least 80-85 percent. Of the 700,000 US people who died of the illness by early October 2021, more than 500,000 might have been saved. The blood was on the hands of those concealing the therapies to sell the vaccine………

You can find more about Robert’s story and get access to his book by clicking here or go straight to his website here

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