Living From Purpose and Alignment by Dr Jaz Mavi

Dr Jaz is of course a doctor but also a BTL investor, marketing enthusiast, and coach and teacher. 

As a British born Sikh Punjabi there are expectation’s to prosper academically either as a Lawyer, Doctor, Pharmacist etc. Age 23 Jaz had graduated as doctor. He had a big sense of completion and felt like the king. No more learning, and happiness will be inevitable. 

But actually working as a doctor was a rude awakening for many reasons. Responsibilities grow and you have to do night shifts and long days. It wasn’t long before he started to feel burn out and empathy fatigue with patients pushing efficiency over empathy.

So he Googled ‘how to be a multi billionaire’ and came across Robery Kyosaki’s book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’. This was his frist insight into how we are all trading time for money.  This led to lots of seminars, books and podcasts but too much knowledge is bad when you are not implementing what you have learned.  

From 27 he started implementing his knowledge into medical coaching and teaching for under graduates, as well as focusing on solutions for particualr niches.  He also had an aesthetics business which he sold in lockdown and more recently a coaching business to hep people who are stuck in a rut, to understand their values nd vision in life. All of this and property investment which he advises everyone to do.

In July 2019 the hosptial said couldnt be contractor anymore due to the expense, so following the money he started to do medical disability assessments for insurance company . The role needed him to conform 100% with no creativity and no team environment. He hated it and realised how good it was to be a doctor.  It wasn’t long before anxiety started in the oppression of the role and 45 days without a day off sent him over the edge and he became ill with stress and anxiety.

Eventually he resigned and though leaving the building was very liberating the anxiety lingered. At this point he realised he needed to do some work on himself to understand how he got to that point and went through a program that completely changed his outlook on life. 

So he went back to the NHS in lockdown , changed his framing, and now is there to help patients from a holisitc point of view and not just give tablets. He enjoys meditation and yoga and makes sure he invest’s in all of this on the good days as well as the bad as chaos will still come from time to time. 

Great advice from a mentor is to add one new revenue stream per year.  His Fomo has gone now as he wants to be aligned to his actions and has left the old ‘make it by the time your 30’ attitude. Success is time choice and freedom and to fill his life with interesting conversations. 

He lives by quotes such as ‘Happiness is the byproduct of doing something meaningful’, Viktor Frankel and ‘We have built prisons for ourselves’ – Dalai Lama.  The 3 things for success and happiness are knowledge, the right habits and the right mentors.

If you’re feeling trapped or confused just start with small incremental steps to get you from A to B and make sure you surround yourself with the people that can help and you aspire to be. 

You can find Jaz on Insta and Facebook @drjazmavi and hear him on his own podcast at Indy & Dr

As well as podcast host Mel Clarke is also a Life Purpose Coach & Reiki Healer helping people come out of chaos to find their purpose driven direction in life. You can find out more about Mel on her Website, Insta or Facebook

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