Singing, Suits and Humour Make This Accountant Very Different with Laurence Fishman

Laurence is a super ambitious and personable accountant and now has quite a following on Linkedin which he thanks Covid for. 

A super shy kid he was encouraged age 10 to sit an entrance exam for a private school in london. He was one of only 2 chosen and quickly realised he had to man up. He was a typical teenage boy, had a lot of fun and refused to listen to advice, which meant his A-Levels were a massive disappointment after spending too much time partying and chasing girls.  

His first ambition when leaving Uni was to join big accounting firm BDO Stoy Hayward but he knew he wouldn’t get a place due to A-Level results. Not deterred he rang HR and said he’d work for free over the Summer, they agreed and he worked his ass off whilst getting infront of all the partners which awarded him the grad program.

Laurences career exploded after this, the partners saw something in him, and his ingredients were better than the super technical guys. 

Initially he had resisted following in his fathers footsteps but after travelling for a few months he realised how much he loved business, and the bits of accounting he didnt like have now fallen away with the rise in seniority. 

A short stint running an electronics business with a mate whilst doing his exams gave him the experience of starting up a business, which he believes gives him the edge when advising his start up tech clients.

Innate ambition has driven him and the desire for nice things and a nice life so when he got so far, he made the decision that next move would be partner only, and was lucky enough to get many offers for that. Very content in his current partner role he started with a blank pad and pen, and no portfolio of clients given to him.

Confidence in his abilities and always rising to the challenge Laurence has out billed a lot of the other partners in the last two years. He seems to have the rare exception of being able to sell as an accountant. 

Being happy in the present is where Laurence likes to reside and never comparing yourself to others.

On LinkedIn Laurence has become known as #thesingingaccountant as a result of Lockdown in 2020. Not being able to attend live networking events meant he needed to rethink how to get new clients and LinkedIN was the perfect choice. 

His talent has come from being creative as a kid, and with his Barmitsvah money bought a really expensive keyboard to start writing and producing music. He was told about a song writing competition on Youtube to write a song over a beat, so he uploaded his song and in the morning had hundred’s of thousands likes and comments. His channel went viral and he ended up on CNN because he was involved with one of the most viral videos of 2010. Getting married and having children meant he stopped being consistent and his followers eventually moved on. 

In the summer of 2021 in Marbella at 6am in the morning Laurence came across a small Dolphin who was beached and bleeding. A stormy and pitch black morning made it difficult for Laurence to be able to free the dolphin but eventually he did and captured the whole scene from his phone. 

Self belief, energy, and hard work means he is a hugely positive manifester. 

Be authentic and you will be a much happier person. 

You can find Laurence on LinkedIn with Humour Suits and Singing.

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