Life is Everything I Want it To Be with AirForce Pilot Nick Narbutovskih

Nick Narbutovskih is an AirForce pilot with a difference. Not only did he know he wanted to be one from the age of 4 years old, but he chose this career over being a professional skier and is now also an author and public speaker.

Born to a Russian descent mom who was a successful Geo Physicist , she gifted Nick a colourful unfiltered upbringing including allowing him to read adult science fiction  books at the age of 9. An already advanced reader this uncensored reading really accelerated Nick even more with his education and love of science fiction. 

Nick loved skiing, and was very good at it, but an experience on an airfield at the age of 4 along with being exposed to a friends father who flew F4’s in the Navy from a young age, cemented his dream to be that pilot.

When asked how he knew he would have the balls to do this job, he just said the reward is bigger than the risk, and in Top Gun speak, ‘You dont have time to think!’

Stories and especially Science Fiction were with Nick from a very young age, and made him think about life’s possibilities. Somehow a high school story that he was so proud of at the time, resurfaced in 2018 and although it was ‘awful’ in Nicks terms, it had the bare bones of a good story and his writing career began. His ‘history based’  Operations Management Masters Degree meant a lot of writing which really cemented his style and a 90 page thesis lead his wife to acknowledge just how good his writing is with the suggestion of getting it published.

His first piece was published in the Over the Horizon journal , and he realised its about a great expression of ideas that are good, over actually coming up with the good ideas in the first place. 

His fiction writing dream was born through a professor at his school, who sent Nick a link called Navy Con, which is a platform for representing the intersection of national security and defence with science fiction. The universe was knocking, so he put down some good ideas , got together a talk, and it was released. 

Nick has now written book his first full science fiction novel which is out to buy in December 2021 called Steel in the Blood , taking a fictional world to examine real world problems and themes especially emotional stuff, polarisation, politics and more. Combining the earthly Nick with the science fiction Nick, an expression of who he is but also project the bigger picture through metaphors. You can write out the future of what your life might look like through metaphors, and you just may learn something. 

Life is everything he wants it to be . A supportive wife who is also an aviator has been the foundation for allowing Nick to become the person he now is and continues to grow into. More books in the series to come and an expanding family is the near to mid future for Nick. 

Nick seems to have it all but he says you only know you made the right decision after you’ve made it and lived it. Trust yourself, and if it was a bad decision then remember an d learn from that too. 

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