Stopping Living Someone Else’s Life with Sophie Durham

Sophie is a very tenacious and driven business owner, coach and mum to 3 young children. 

Having done the usual travelling after University, Sophie came back to Austrailia engaged with her fiance and joined the corporate world in digital advertising and marketing.  8 years later and with child number 2 on the way she took redundancy as the job could not be flexible to her being a mother. Looking for another job proved challenging to get the right balance for home and something she enjoyed so she took a lower paid role.   

Within weeks she knew it was a mistake and kept thinking she could utilise her skills in her own business. Her redundancy package and husbands bonus paid for her digital marketing education and a new Macbook, and she was good to start her new business. And then destiny partnered her up with another woman and they started their own marketing agency. Within a year it was clear things were not balanced in their relationship but her steely resolve kept her going on her own. 

Sophie got her first client from a post in a community group, and believes that when she talks to people and describes what she does she will always get the business. And since then she has grown from referrals, great communication and being proactive.

Still living in Sydney at this point didn’t feel right anymore, it felt like it wasn’t their lives and they were there for others and job ties. So not wanting to settle within 2 years they decided to leave Sydney and moved more into the country, with a larger house, open space and a much better quality of life.

More recently coaching has become a natural extension to her work, and she loves seeing people light up at their own possibilities. Sophie’s coaching offers the Ultimate Contribution Uncovered framework having been through the program herself and finding it life changing.

We also discuss throughout the interview about having children, juggling them with work and the continual feeling of guilt when mums want time out for themselves.

Sophie says if you want to change your situation just put out there what you want and be proactive. Make sure you write your CV or intention for what you want to do not what youve already done. If you try and it doesn’t  happen how you want you can always go back to what you know , but you will have learned a lota along the way. 

Sophies site’s are being updated but you can reach her at and , she is always happy to help.

As well as podcast host Mel Clarke is also a Life Purpose Coach & Reiki Healer helping people come out of chaos to find their purpose driven direction in life. You can find out more about Mel on her Website, Insta or Facebook

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