Success Without Sacrifice with Bethan Jepson

Bethan grew up in a happy home but one that was also full of different foster children over a number of years. This experience left Bethan feeling unheard and unseen at times and has been her main driver for over achieving in education. Once she left University Bethan suddenly had no structure and therefore her purpose was gone. For the next year she sunk into a depression until her dad suggested she work at his legal recruitment firm.

Starting from the bottom her natural problem solving skills and solutions mindset saw Bethan grow from strength to strength until eventually after taking on many more roles she left to start her own business.

She is now an award-winning entrepreneur, mentor and podcast host of Millionaire Secrets. She have launched and grown multiple 6 figure companies in the past 5 years ranging from legal recruitment to coaching services to health products and now engineering.

Bethan is a partner in UK Business Capital Partners where they either acquire, partner or invest in businesses and help them fulfil their growth  potential – giving the original founders the resources to thrive, step  back or move on to greener pastures if they wish.

Thoroughly enjoying this industry she is also excited by the changes they are making in their own businesses that are having an impact on the industry as a whole –  including the launch of Allied Women in Engineering!

Bethans, Myers Briggs personality test calls her a born coach and mentor. As such as she has helped dozens of solopreneurs and start ups launch  successfully and achieve their first major financial goals (typically  between £50k and £100k milestones), laying the foundations for them to  carry on scaling from there.

But principally what all of her ventures have in common, is the underlying mission: ‘the pursuit of success  without sacrifice’. Bethan believes it  is possible to be both successful and happy and will not sacrifice one  for the other.

She is also the founder of the Success Circle Network: a community of  entrepreneurs all dedicated to the Success Without Sacrifice mission. It  is a collaborative network designed to help us all get to our goals quicker.

Bethans podcasts purpose is to lift the curtain on the mindset, habits and strategies that have  allowed the top 1% of entrepreneurs to grow 7 and 8 figure businesses.  Her listeners learn a lot from the stories of growth that guests share, both in a business capacity and life capacity.

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