Widowhood to Wellness with Marie B Scott

Marie is a Functional Medicine Health Coach who is passionate about helping widows and widowers to gain health, humor, and love back into their lives. Marie asks:

>> Have you experienced the loss of your life partner?

>> Has this led to unhealthy habits?

>> Is your lifestyle void of laughter and love?

Then she can help you to make some positive changes.

As  someone who lost her beloved firefighter husband just a few years ago from esophageal cancer, she knows how difficult it can be to make healthy choices after a loss. If it weren’t for Functional Medicine, she would be unhealthy and depressed, alone and without laughter.

After discovering Functional Medicine as a client, she became passionate about the difference it can make for individuals and earned her Health Coach  certification with the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.

Now she helps widows and widowers reclaim their own lives and is living proof of how Functional Medicine can transform a life.

She lives well through exercise, meditation, and clean eating. These changes helped her to lose the extra thirty pounds that she had carried around for  years. More significantly she no longer takes prescription meds for blood  pressure, cholesterol, depression, or hormones and her pre-diabetes has gone away.

She laughs more and finds something to smile about every  single day and yes she has even found love again!

Marie is now also a published author detailing her story to inspire others.

Marie is a gorgeous soul and you can follow and reach out to Marie on Insta ,  LinkedIN , or join her FB group Widowhood to Wellness


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