You’ve Got to Slow Down to Speed Up by Sean Beaty

In today’s episode Sean Beaty chats about how hitting 50 with older children, lead to him looking for more out of life. 

Having been in construction project management all his life, Sean has a good salary and has lived all over the world. But when his 2 boys started to need his attention less, he started looking online for opportunities. 

Sean has always had a keen interest in self development and fitness. Not one to sit and be idle he is always doing something.  Although the day job paid well and gave a good lifestyle, Sean knew he wasn’t fulfilled.

So having seen some videos from every day people online talking about financial freedom, there was a resonation and this started Seans journey of trying to replace the income. 

The starting point was to replace the income , but what became more important was spending time in a fulfilled way. For Sean this was putting time with the kids and wife first, aswell as fitness as a priority . Although we can all feel we dont have the time to do this at times, you have to slow down to speed up and actually this enhances your productivity.

And a huge realisation for Sean was that the only thing we can actually control in our own lives is how to react in each moment. 

If you would like to reach out to Sean for a chat or to understand more about online financial freedom you can find him hanging out at

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