A Magical Hollywood Journey & Truth Seeking with Michael Mandaville

Michael Mandaville first and foremost has become a friend of mine over the last few months, and is a fellow truth seeker in this crazy world we find ourselves living in.

In this Part 1 – Michael was inspired to work in the film industry by his aunt Molly Mandaville, who worked as script consultant and special assistant for legendary film mogul Darryl Zanuck’s for 35 years and has worked for 25 years in Hollywood as a Producer, line producer and UPM.  He is also an internet entrepreneur workingin the streaming, social media environments. The films he has worked on include “Taken”, “Taken 2″ and “Taken 3” written and produced by Luc Besson, “Above Suspicion” starring Emilia Clarke directed by Philip Noyce and “Havoc” with Anne Hathaway.

As a serial entrepreneur, he is currently pursuing media, blockchain and project financing through international finance. He acquired citizenship in Luxembourg to expand opportunities in these areas and recently scouted those countries and Morocco for media projects working with International and US distribution companies.  He is currently finishing up a sequel to his “Stealing Thunder” series set in Morocco, a play set in post-WW2 Europe and the first episode of his “The High Guys” online magazine. 

He recently directed “Into the Flames” which was sold at Cannes and accepted into the Silcon Beach Film Festival.  “Conviction: Murder in Four Parts” won the Culver City Film Festival for Best Screenplay.  He also produced, directed  and wrote “Beer  Pong Coach” a webseries. He does presentations for his FilmmakingWithACalculator approach – how to reconcile the Creative with the Financial – for Stage 32, the American Film Market, Motion Picture Institute and more.

His other films on are “The Kiss” with Terence Stamp, “American History X” with Edward Norton and Edward Furlong, “Blood and Wine” with Jack Nicholson and Director: Bob Rafelson, “Millenium’s Child” with William Windom and Karen Black, “Sensation” with Eric Roberts and Ron Perlman. “Hail Caesar” with Anthony Michael Hall, Robert Downey, Jr. and Judd Nelson. “Pumpkin Head II”.

Michael also produced “The Almighty Fred”, an independent film. He has directed a recent feature, commercials, shorts, a documentary and industrial films.  He worked on “Manahi” in Cairo, an Arabic language comedy –  the first film shown in Saudi Arabia in 35 years.   As an executive with Queens Cross Productions, he worked on “Keys to Freedom” with Jane Seymour and Omar Sharif, “The Tunnel”  with Jane Seymour and Peter Weller and “Tapeheads” with Tim Robbins and John Cusack.

Michael worked on TV pilots including “Chunks of Life”, “Criminal Obsession” with Telly Savalas and “Wet” with Arliss Howard, Cynda Williams.  “The Double O-Kid” with Corey Haim, Brigitte Nielsen. “Girlfriend from Hell”and “Spirit of the Eagle” with Dan Haggerty and Bill Smith.  Michael worked on a CD-ROM Project, “Monty Python’s Holy Grail CD-ROM” with Eric Idle and Terry Gilliam. 

Michael is a bondable line producer with Film Finance. He also worked as a Risk Manager at the Motion Picture Bond Company.  Through Transcom Productions, Michael has done Scheduling and Budgeting for clients including Relativity, Intl. Sales Organization, Paramount Pictures, Viacom, Bob Rafelson, Kushner-Locke Company, Disney, 20th Century Fox, Mark Damon Worldwide, Europacorp among many others.   

He has written fifteen scripts for option or for hire.   Michael published a Trilogy of technothriller novels under the  “Stealing Thunder” series which won
the Thrillspy Award for best novel. He also published a mystery novel, “A Cold Death” and noirish 30’s thriller “A Cold Knife in a Warm Back”.    

He has three more novels and several plays in process which usually keeps him out of trouble. 

Michael received a Master’s Degree from USC in their prestigious Professional Writing Program. 

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