If You Follow the Curves of Your Heart You are Living Well with Amanda Peberdy

Although Amanda did settle for a lot of her life and was scared to move out of her comfort zone one day it all changed. Raised in a turbulent background and having moved house 15 times the Universe seriously played its part in beginning Amanda’s yoga teaching journey. 

Whilst working in a bed department in a retail store, a thought plagued her one day. Am I content?  When leaving work Amanda received a text from her yoga teacher who said she kept thinking about her and something to do with work and shortly later an older man walked past and asked ‘What are you thinking’? She tried to fob him off, but he asked again, and suddenly she felt some higher connection and a part of her replied ‘I feel like I want to be self employed, I want to teach yoga and be a holistic practitioner’. He went on and gave her step by step instructions and said you will feel so full you can’t turn back. Her whole being ground to a halt, and she felt like she had been hit by a sledge hamer. Was this man an angel? 

So the steps began, she felt the excitement building and doors magicaly opened but then tragedy hit. Within 4 months she lost her step dad, her dad, a baby, a relationship and her home as welll as finding a lump. For a year and a half she had PTSD and couldnt even go into a restaurant or get on public transport through disempowerment. But one day she heard a voice say to her ‘Take back your power’.  So she found a yoga teacher to learn from and he said ‘Being a teacher isnt about being perfect, its about taking back your power’ and she trusted that the universe knew who she was and what she was capable of.  

Its Ok to be who you are today, and its enough. 

Another time in her life she was consumed with the question ‘Can you live well if you know you are dying’? Needing an answer she went to the library feeling immobalised when a man came in and starting asking for help to find him a poetry book. Whilst he was talking she started crying and he then asked her who she was and why she was here? She opened up to him and he told her he had terminal cancer. A very unique character, an artist and traveller he thought himself odd and different to others. He continued to travel when he was able and Amanda had her answer. He was living well knowing that he was dying. If you follow the curves of your heart you are living well. 

Amandas dream is to have a spiritual retreat and even before lockdown felt like she was being called home. Working from home has been a Godsend allowing her to balance her life and earnings better.  There is more space to allow her to plug into her own spiritual journey and she knows from her past that she needs to wait for the right time otherwise it will be a struggle. 

Shadows and challenges are all part of growth, and the Heros journey. Making mistakes doesnt mean you’ve done something wrong, everything is valuable. 

If you want to make your own leap it is a strong energy and scary but its OK to wrap yourself up at the sametime. Be kind to you. Balance and trust. 

You can find Amandas website Here, Insta or listen to her wonderful stories at Here

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