Revisiting How The Never Settle Podcast Came About with Mel Clarke

In today’s episode of the The ‘Never Settle’ Podcast, you get to hear from me, Mel Clarke, about never settling for second best. 

I always knew I was different from friends and other people from a young age, and I guess a large part of my younger life was trying to fit in and dim my light.

From wanting to be a psychologist at Uni to falling into a career in sales for over 20 years, to now pursuing a coaching career and more creativity, I have always been trying to find my purpose. 

Watching my parents struggle and argue over money, made me determined not to be broke, and drove me to be ambitious. But ambition can be soul destroying when you end up doing a job that does not fulfill you just to pay the bills and have some nice holidays. 

Along my journey of trying lots of ways of earning money to be able to quit the day job, including property investment, I was also on a journey of spiritual enlightenment. 

Losing my dad in 2006 really accelerated this, and over the years having married and then divorced, and almost going bankrupt I have begun to understand what happiness really means, and it sure doesn’t come from the expensive car on the drive.

In 2010 a chance encounter brought me to a wonderful lady called Clair who had just qualified as an acupuncturist, to improve my skin. The end of the fifth session lead her to telling me I was deeply unhappy, and although I resisted at first, it wasnt long before a tsunami of tears fell to confirm her words. This really was the beginning of me seriously not settling in relationships, which in turn has lead to a search for fulfilment in all areas of life.

I have never been one to join the masses, I believe we are all source energy and have the power to create the life of our dreams if we could just get out of our own way. Life is there to be enjoyed, people are there to love, we are here to self love and evolve consciously so we can all have an enriching impact on the world, in a small or huge way. 

Have I got it all figured out? Hell no, but I sure intend to live from my souls purpose in everything, and be the best version of myself I can be.

If you want to know more about Mel Clarke, she is also a Life Purpose Coach & Reiki Healer helping people come out of chaos to live guilt free and find their purpose driven direction in life.

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