Take Control of Your Head to Rewire it For Success with Philip Webb

Philip was a very shy child and such was an avid reader and strong student of playing chess. A family tradition allowed him to finally win his grandfathers chess set, when he finally beat his dad. 

He started his career working for IBM, becoming a European  technical specialist and then set up his first business in 1990, selling computer hardware,  networks, VoIP and consultancy. This business grew from start to £6.7m  in just four years, and was sold in 1996. Philip then established a  50:50 JV with accountancy firm BDO to delivery consultancy support to SME businesses and  to the UKGOV Small business service.

Philip went on to build and sell a further four companies, floating one on the UK OFEX stock market.

His long and wide experiences of restructuring and growing business now form the backbone of TAM UK which stands for Team Action Management and allows companies where disputes are heavy to resolve their issues from the ground up. Part of this work allows focus on the true Core Values and Vision and Mission for businesses which he knows are fundamental 

Additionally, Philip runs a UK wide charity called Investors in Community, and holds two Non-Executive Director positions which gives a fantastic platform to smaller and local charities to be seen and supported within their locality.

Philip was president of the Derbyshire Chamber of Commerce in 1996, a  Regional CBI Councillor and director of the TEC. He has written and  published three business books, the latest to encompass the work of  Albert Humphrey, (Originator and author of the SWOT analysis) called  Leading Constant Change (FT Publishing)

Philip has a keen interest in motorcycling and runs an international  online group for Directors on Motorbikes. He also follows an interest in  psychology and likes to renovate property.

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