Embrace ALL of your emotions with Mel Clarke

Todays episode is a reminder on accepting our parts and emotions and taking full responsibility in our relationships having empathy and understanding for all.

  • Embrace all aspects of yourself without labelling them: Accept all parts of yourself without judging them as right or wrong. Recognise that every aspect of you, even the challenging parts, contributes to your unique identity.
  • Take responsibility in relationships for connection and love: Acknowledge your role in creating meaningful connections with others. Be willing to take 100% responsibility for your actions and words, and show empathy and understanding towards others.
  • Let go of being right for connection and growth: Recognize that holding onto the need to be right can hinder connection and prevent personal growth. Be open to different perspectives and willing to learn from others.
  • Develop a healthy relationship with emotions: Cultivate a healthy relationship with emotions such as sadness, grief, and anger. Learn to recognize and understand these emotions, and practice healthy ways to express and cope with them.

f you want to know more about Mel Clarke, she is also a Life Purpose Coach & Reiki Healer helping people come out of chaos to live guilt free and find their purpose driven direction in life.

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