How Being Bi-Polar Got Me Ahead of Others with Karina Schulz

Karina speaks five languages, is an entrepreneur and author, has bi-polar and has has been travelling and remotely working in Latin America for over three years now!

One day she decided to quit the office job because offices weren’t for her, and at 22  years old, decided that she was going to work remotely.

Everyone told her she wouldn’t get a job because she didn’t have remote experience on my  resume, but she decided to try anyway.

Low and behold, her determination  secured her a new employment in under a month.

Also being bi-polar has meant she works harder and has more energy than most which she knows has rocketed her ahead of others in the same marketplace as her. Now she works remotely whereever she chooses and helps other people do the same.

She is writing her first book called My Unexpected Superpower: How Being Bipolar Got Me Ahead of Everyone Else.

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