Living a Life of No Regrets with G.Scott Graham

Tear jerker alert!

G. Scott Graham is an energetic author, a career and business coach in Boston, Massachusetts but has done a whole lot more with his life incluing being a firefighter, emergency medical support, personal trainer, ordained minister, toastmaster, sports nutritionist and much more.

Scott is driven to help clients follow their “true azimuth,” which is  different from “true north.” It means to identify the true focus of your life — something that speaks individually to you.  It means recognizing the forces that push our lives off course and  adjusting to them so you get where you want to go. It means that when you are 90 years old and you look back on your life you have a sense of  pride, accomplishment, and meaning — with no regrets.

Scott is a lovely guy and speaks openly about the tragedy of losing his husband of 31 years to a horrendous car accident, grief, and how he went through a long legal process to change his name to reflect his husbands.

He is an avid insatiable learner and has done two degrees over seven years as well as written several books.

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